Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Catching up

I have been very lax with my posting here. Sorry. Let's catch up...

November 2012  

Moving the hives together and
building a windbreak to protect them.

Winter 2013

Spring 2013

The windbreak worked and the
bees made it through the winter.

We harvested
some honey and made Mead.

Summer 2013

They are doing very well.

Now it is early winter again and time to build the windbreak...

Early winter 2013
It is mid-November and with help
of Joey the hives got moved.
Our Bee Keeper is away so it is up to me.

Spring will tell how well I do, but there sure is a lot of buzzing in there today!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Bear comes back

Post: Bernie: September 29, 2012
Note: To follow our Bee Keeping adventure from beginning to end, choose Setting up the hive from the index at right.

Looks like a Bear was at it again. The small hive this time.

Must have been last night.

No damage. Just knocked over.

"I can fix this."

"Stand back." A professional is about to go to work.

(Thought bubble over my head) "Eric where are you!"

"Joey", he said.
"What are you doing way back there?"

Note to self: (SELF!) Next time wear thicker pants!!!!

"These frame supers are really heavy!"

 They are full of honey. Hope it is enough to get them through the winter this year.

"They are following ME!"

Ok. That's done.

Good the Bees are all cueing up at the opening. Looks like I have it stacked together right.

 "RUN!" They are still pretty angry at me!

Not TTTOOOO many stings...

...ouch was still under my shirt!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bears love honey too

Post: Bernie: July 20, 2012
Note: To follow our Bee Keeping adventure from beginning to end, choose Setting up the hive from the index at right.

On the morning of June 20, 2012 I came out to yard and looked over to where there were usually two Bee hives and saw only one!

Who came through here?

As I got closer I saw that the larger hive had been knocked over.

Boxes and frames were on the ground...

and smashed.

As the Apprentice Bee Keeper I approached the hive... (Bees everywhere!)

I got one frame box up on the stand... (What am I trying to prove!)

Thousands of Bees buzzing all around me...

And boy were they mad! (It wasn't me... but they wouldn't listen.)

 I retreated... (So did my faithful, but smarter than I am photographer.)

It was a clean escape until I realized...

That the Bees that I was swatting at outside my veil...

Were actually inside my veil!

Later, Eric the Bee Keeper came over with full gear and started reassembling the hive...

Two up...

Going for three...

Sorry Bees, here comes the next box...


Then he gathered the pieces...

The smashed box...

The frames...

And put them back...


It looks like this Bear had a sweet...

time of it eating some...

honey comb...

The Bees will just have to make more!

The big hive is back!

The Bees are settling in.

All is peaceful. (Until next time.)