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The Bees arrive

Post: Bernie: April 24, 2011
Note: To follow our Bee Keeping adventure from beginning to end, choose Setting up the hive from the index at right.

The Bee Hive box has arrived!

Box 'o Bees!

It will be opened and placed into the open box chamber above the Brooding Chamber until all the Bees leave this box and make the new hive their home.

The Queen.

Eric getting the Queen box ready to hang in the hive.

How many Bees?
Well you really buy a hive by pounds. Better that trying to count them. I'd like to see that video. "One, two, three, oh did we already count that one? Four, five, six, I think they are getting annoyed,. Stay still will you. You there SIT! Yes, you. Seven, eight, nine. Oh, hell with this. Let's just weigh the box of them..." This is a 4 pound 'Box o'Bees", about 8,000 to 10,000!
Enter and exit here.
That opening is where they will enter and exit, for now. That gray piece of wood will later be removed for maximum access.

Eric, are you sure about removing that cap?
The pael keeping the Bees in the "Box o' Bees" is removed.

Eric is teasing the Bees with the Queen. (lol)

This is the Italian Queen Bee box that is sealed with "candy" that she will eat her way out of to become one with the hive.

Eric gets the Queen ready to hang between comb frames the Brooding Chamber.

Placing the Queen between the frames in the Brooding Chamber.

Now to remove the sugar water feeding can that was used in transport from the "Box o' Bees" shipping container

Taking the feeder can out.
Feeder can will be placed on those town wood strips in the bottom right corner of the Brooding Chamber Box.
This feeding can is them placed above the frame.

Feeding can will give the Bees food until they start to forage on there own.
The empty box frame that we saw earlier now show it's purpose... contain the feeding can. And...

Here they come!

...the "Box o' Bees".

Bees are going out that hole in the bottom of the "Box o' Bees" box into the frames.

Here you can see the "Box o' Bees" and the feeding can, back there in the right corner.

 The spacer frame goes on to allow more head room so the "Box o' Bees" can fit.

Top cover.

The roof is put back in place.

And Eric has a new hive installed and we have Bees in the yard!

Sonja and Joey watching, at a safe distance, while Eric and I are "messin' with the Bees" (The Point)

Welcome to our yard Bees.

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