Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Abby viists the Bees

Post: Bernie: June 7, 2011
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A few weeks ago my Granddaughter Abby was in Canaan and she got a chance to 'mess with the Bees'.

I said, "Abby, this is a Bee Hive. It's a house that Bees live in." Mommy was standing off to the side, "Poppop now don't get too close."

I explained to Abby, (such a shy little girl) that, "This man is the Bee Keeper. His name is Eric. He has a smoker in his hand that he is going to blow smoke into the Bee Hive with. The smoke will make the Bees sleepy." (from the peanut gallery off camera came, "Or to slightly asphyxiate them.")("Don't listen to them Abby.")

Abby didn't care much for that, "Abby not tired Poppop" she said.

"Oh, Abby," I said, "It's time for the Bees to go to sleep not Abby."

We watched as The Bee Keeper went to work.

"More smoke!"

"Sleepy Bees" on the comb frame.

"Abby see the Honey comb?" I pointed it out to her there on left side of the frame.
"That's where the Queen lays her eggs and then after they hatch the Bees store honey in the comb." but Abby has never had Honey (just stick around Poppop and you will, now that you are old enough), yet.

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