Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Bear comes back

Post: Bernie: September 29, 2012
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Looks like a Bear was at it again. The small hive this time.

Must have been last night.

No damage. Just knocked over.

"I can fix this."

"Stand back." A professional is about to go to work.

(Thought bubble over my head) "Eric where are you!"

"Joey", he said.
"What are you doing way back there?"

Note to self: (SELF!) Next time wear thicker pants!!!!

"These frame supers are really heavy!"

 They are full of honey. Hope it is enough to get them through the winter this year.

"They are following ME!"

Ok. That's done.

Good the Bees are all cueing up at the opening. Looks like I have it stacked together right.

 "RUN!" They are still pretty angry at me!

Not TTTOOOO many stings...

...ouch was still under my shirt!


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