Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Czarina Russian Queen Bee is free

Post: Bernie: May 9, 2011
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Eric came by and opening up the hive to check to check and see if our Czarina Russian Queen Bee had eaten her way out of her box. 

He parted the frames so he could remove the box that the Russian Queen Bee came in.

The Bees are very active. Good thing Eric has his suit on. Och! One of them flew into the hole in my jeans at the knee and stung me. My first sting! Now I'm official!

Looks like our Czarina Russian Queen Bee is in the hive.

Eric tries to find her as he looks for egg larva...

See that yellowish spot? That is the making of a new Queen Bee in progress so the hive knew something was wrong. Pretty amazing. this mass of Bees...

But no luck. No sign of her and no Bee larva yet. Hopefully she will start (if those Italian Stallion Drones, stop just flirting around and get to business) laying eggs soon.

That is HONEY that is filling in the comb! The Bees are hard at work. But we need the egg laying to begin so the hive has more and more Bees as their life span is only about 45 days the hive must be constantly replenished.

See all that comb. That is a comb on top of comb, not really a good thing. It makes it hard to see what is going on in the hive and it makes it really difficult when it comes to harvest time.

Eric scrapped that layer off.

I'm going to use it somehow as material in a Messin' with the Bees series of locally gathered materials drawings I am planning to do.

The Feeding Chamber has been removed and the blossoms are on the Apple Tree. What a beautiful sight!

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