Monday, March 12, 2012

It's official he's a Bee Keeper!

Post: Bernie: March 12, 2012:
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Eric came over on this beautiful warm, 70-degree afternoon to see if we still had a Queen and if a new brood was in the works.

Ok, it's time to confess that Eric has been raising Bees for a few years but "keeping" them over winter has not worked out so well.

The bees were very active! I stayed well back while Eric dismantled our winter windbreak.

Then he began to open up the hive. The Bees went crazy! All those little speck are bees!

Then there it was brood and honey! Eric also noticed that the bees were already bringing back pollen to the hive. Busily building the hive for the coming new year.

But where is the Queen!

Right there! The one with the long body in those tight pants (she's Italian you know).

Not taking any honey from the hive had proved the right choice. We now have a strong and thriving hive!

We will leave the hive out in the yard this year where it wintered  but Eric thinks that we may have to protect it from the midsummer sun. We'll rig up something interesting... stay tuned.

And Eric is now officially a "Bee Keeper"!

But, maybe this year, can we get some honey?

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