Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Hive is buzzing

Post: Bernie: June 7, 2011
Note: To follow our Bee Keeping adventure from beginning to end, choose Setting up the hive from the index at right.

Just a quick note to say that the Queen is laying, eggs are hatching and the hive is beginning to thrive.

After a very slow and dramatic start full of intrigue and murder the bees are multiplying and working hard. The hot weather seems to have done the magic for this hive of Italian (ok, they are from Georgia not Italy but it's hotter there than here) bees.

Yesterday they were coming and going to and from the hive like (now I know what the phrase, "Made a Bee line." originally [From the belief that a bee returns to its hive in a straight course.] referred to) mad. Erik checked as well and confirmed that the Queen is "busy" making more Bees!

All is well (knock on wood) in Canaan, "The land of milk and honey".

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