Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Feeding Box

Post: Bernie: April 24, 2011
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It's been a few days since the "Box o' Bees" was installed and the Bees seem to be active and happy in there new Hive. It is time though to make sure they are getting enough to eat in this early Spring.

Eric is going to open up the access point.

As you see now there is a larger opening.

He also is going to take away the emply "Boc o' Bees" and the box and  install a Feeder Box that he made that will contact sugar water.

Feeder box and bottle of sugar water.
 Breaking down the Hive levels.

Off comes the roof.
The box that holds the hopefully now empty "Box o' Bees" box.
There they are up on the top of the comb frames of the Brooding Chamber.

 This is why he has that suite on!

The Feeder Box have two areas with a open center channel covered by a wire mesh.

That goes on top of the Brooding Chamber.

The gray level is that spacer again used so the Bees get a little more room between the top of the Brooding Chamber and the bottom of the Feeding Box.

Sugar water being poured into Feeding Box.

Cover put into place.

Cover on all set. You can remove you suite now Eric.

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